Support Tight Senate Races

The biggest prize in the November election is the US Senate. With six weeks left before election day, Democrats need near perfect mid-term results to win that prize. Incumbent Democrats must defend 10 seats in states that Trump won in 2016 and have to win two additional seats in deep-red states in order to take control. This is a tough order, but according to many experts, we have a fighting chance! If canvassing is not your thing, send some extra money to help Democrats retake the Senate in November. If you have family and friends in these states, encourage them to vote, give dollars and volunteer time.

As of today these are the key Senate races in play:

  • Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakotais very vulnerable and is a few points behind in the polls. Trump won North Dakota by 35 points and her challenger, Kevin Cramer, is supported by him. Trump has a net positive approval rating in the state.

  • Joe Donnelly in Indianais another of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents. He is up against Mike Braun, a popular pro-Trump business man.

  • Claire McCaskill in Missouriis in a dead heat with a young, telegenic Josh Hawley.

  • Bill Nelson is fighting the very rich Rick Scott in Florida.  This race is also a dead heat.

  • Tammy Baldwin is hanging on in Wisconsin, but millions of dollars are pouring in to defeat her.

  • John Tester in Montanais fighting for re-election in a state that voted for Trump by 20 points.

  • And in Minnesota,the election to replace Al Franken has Tina Smith, the Democrat, ahead in the polls against Karin Housley.

In Republican seats with incumbents, we have some opportunity to vote these people out.

  • In Nevada, Jacky Rosen is slightly ahead of incumbent Dean Heller. Heller had a few moments in the spotlight criticizing Trump but has turned 180 degrees and now fully embraces him.   Heller is close on Rosen’s heals and has more money.

  • In Texas, Ted Cruz is only a point or two ahead of Beto O’Rourke, a congressman from West Texas. Who doesn’t want to say goodbye to Ted? 

In open Republican seats, there are two Democrats who just might win.

  • In Arizona, moderate Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is leading against Martha McSally, a former fighter pilot. The Republican is outspending Sinema so grassroots money and volunteer effort is very important.

  • The surprise race this year is in Tennesseewhere Democrats haven’t won a Senate election for decades. Former Governor Phil Bredeson is in a dead heat with the Republican Marsha Blackburn. Bredesen has made this race competitive on the basis of his track record and a cross party appeal to moderates.

  • Finally, keep an eye on the longshot race in the special Senate election in Mississippi. Mississippi has a “jungle” primary on November 6 with 2 Republicans running against the Democrat, Mike Espy. If no candidate gets a clear majority at that point, it could be December before Mississippi determines its Senator in a run off election.  

Call To Action

Send contributions to the candidate’s campaigns. One stop shop is available at ActBlue - the all-purpose fundraising site for Democrats that allows you to give to individual campaigns.  Or you could go with Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and let the Democratic Party decide.

Call friends and relatives in contested states and urge them to vote, help get out the vote, and contribute.