Suggested Agenda for An Activists Party

For 15 or more people.  3:00pm - 5:30pm.

3:00pm – Gather and socialize

3:20pm – Call to focus with a bell or chime

  • Welcome
  • Moment for centering
  • Overview of why we are here
  • What we will do today
  • Other strategies to keep in mind
    • have a flip chart written up and posted on side
    • give money,
    • give time,
    • take care of yourself for the long run,
    • digital diets to preserve your sanity,
    • find your own political action support group to hold yourself accountable and feel connected

3:30pm – Opening circle  

  • With talking piece –  one minute or so per person but not timed
  • Name, town
  • The issue that matters most to you –someone takes notes on pad from circle

4:00pm – Form groups of four with one person volunteering to be the note taker

  • What are some actions people in this room, in this community, might undertake?
  • Report out one idea from each group – do two rounds
  • Collect notes, type them up, then send back to everyone who came with a thank you for coming

4:30pm – Being an up-stander  - not remaining uninvolved when you are present                  to harassment or injustice?  What can we do?

  Facilitate sharing of stories:

  • What have you seen someone else do?
  • What have you done as an up-stander?
  • What has been done for you?

5:00pm –  Closing circle – make a commitment for a next step – short

5:15pm –  More socializing



  • Food and drink
  • Name tags
  • Talking piece
  • Flip chart paper on walls
  • Sticky notes
  • Sharpies and Markers