Everything we have read (and we’ve actually been researching this) is that a phone call is MANY, MANY, MANY times more influential than an email or a signature to an online petition.

So here's how to do it:

  • Find your Member of Congress’ DC phone number at www.callmycongress.com.  Enter your zip code.  The info pops up with the Washington DC number.  Enter that into your phone.
  • Now that you know your Member of Congress’ name, find his or her website.  Look for the list of local offices across his or her district. Enter every phone number of every state office listed on the web site into your phone so that if you get a voice mail message on one phone you can easily call others.
  • Dial one of the numbers.
  • If the line is busy, try the other numbers.  Only leave a message if you can’t get through anywhere.    Better yet, call back later.
  • Tell the person who answers the call, “I am a constituent of Senator or Representative  So and So……..) You should only call your own Senators and Representative; they don’t care what anyone else thinks.
  • Tell the person at the other end, “I am calling to register my opinion on…… (fill in the blank with the issue of the week)
  • They will say something like, “OK what do you want the Senator/Representative to know?” or “Hmmmmm…”  which is your signal to start talking.
  • State your point of view on the issue and give at least one reason from the My Weekly Resistance blog or another source.  This is not a conversation.  You talk.  They listen.
  • Ask for them to send you written information on the Member of Congress’ view on this issue.
  • Give them your name and address
  • We promise:  they will be nice and polite.  You should be too.  They will not argue with you or try to persuade you.  You don't have to be an expert.
  • That's it!!!!!

It’s completely normal to be nervous as you get ready to make these calls. You may not know what you are doing. We can be nervous and still make the calls.  Being nervous never really hurt anyone.  And just like everything else, it’s easy once you know how.