(for when phones aren't answered and mailboxes are full)

  • Send postcards instead of letters.  Letters have to go through security and can be delayed by weeks.
  • Buy postcards that are already stamped or make your own
    • Make your own – buy card stock at office supply store that is already scored into four quadrants.  These can be written on or put through the computer.  Put a stamp in the upper right hand corner of the side with the address on it.  The minimum postage for a post card is 34 cents.
  • Find names and addresses of your Members of Congress.  They only listen to people who can vote for them.  (That does not mean you have to be a citizen, just that you live in their district.)
  • Write about one issue per card
  • Hand address the card on the side where you put the stamp.
  • Hand write the card on the other side
  • Hand writing is more effective than pre-printed cards
  • Make sure your name, town and state are on the card.  This can be in the return address in the upper left hand corner of the side with the stamp or at the bottom of your message.
  • Use the Weekly Calls to Action from My Weekly Resistance (link) or the talking points from another activist site (link) to make points in your own words.
  • Your own words are more effective than simply rewriting a form letter from an online source
    • First, state your opinion and support it with at least one reason
    • Second, instruct YOUR Member of Congress to take a specific action – Stop, Vote, Form, Speak Out, etc
  • Take the post cards to a mail box or post office or another pick up location. Celebrate with friends!!!!