Brett Kavanaugh Has Disqualified Himself from the Supreme Court

Attentive listeners to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's calm, apparently genuine allega-tions of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh may reach different conclusions about what happened many years ago at a high school party in suburban Maryland. The FBI is finally investigating the claims but it is unlikely that we will ever be truly cer-tain what happened that night. It was crucial that the testimony be given and at-tended to, but neither the public nor the Senators can or should sit in judgment of a criminal act. Rather, the public and the Senate are considering whether this man should have a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. The answer became ab-solutely clear when Kavanaugh responded to Dr. Blasey Ford's testimony. Judge Kavanaugh spat out an emotional, self centered, partisan diatribe. He yelled, cried, and slandered the Democrats on the committee, and denounced anyone who would question his right to the appointment. This unhinged rant showed the entire world that Brett Kavanaugh should not sit in judgment of others.

Dr. Blasey Ford was an authentic, persuasive witness who told a thoroughly believable story under extremely challenging circumstances. The Republicans on the committee listened quietly and then said nothing about the substance of her testimony. Unwilling to publicly criticize Dr. Blasey Ford, they simply ignored her testimony and tried to quickly approve Kavanaugh’s nomination. They listened but did not hear.

 When it came his turn, Brett Kavanaugh exploded in an angry torrent of conspiracy theories and recriminations against all Democrats and anyone who doubted his word. In short, Kavanaugh channeled his inner Donald Trump, revealing himself to be a deeply partisan, cunning political operative; not the calm judicious model of discretion he put on show in his earlier hearing. It is likely he may have even perjured himself. 

 Kavanaugh’s demeanor and words make it plain that Democrats, women, indeed, no one not of his privileged, elite class could expect to get a reasonably fair hearing were he to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. If this nomination is approved, no one will ever believe the Court is nonpartisan or fair again.  These are high stakes.

 Beyond the immediate political question this is a watershed moment for our culture. We may not be able to stop this man from taking the Supreme Court seat but we must stand up and demand accountability and a change in the status quo.  You will want to tell future generations that your voice was heard this week and on November 6th.  

Call To Action

Call your Senators. 

Call your Mother’s Senators. 

Call your sisters’ Senators.

Call Jeff Flake. (Say thanks for the FBI investigation, now take the report to heart.)

Call Joe Manchin.

Call Lisa Murkowski.

Call Susan Collins.

Hell, there isn’t anyone in the Senate who doesn’t need to hear from you. Even if they have already sold themselves to Donald Trump, they should hear from you. This is history in the making. This is THE political moment. Call.