Support Our Allies, Learn Something New, Give a Gift!

It’s a dark time of year as we approach the winter solstice. It’s a dark time, politically, as well. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays that bring light to dark, we offer a different kind of Call to Action. This week we ask that you support those who are doing our common work – to give to the institutions and to the groups that are working hard every day to advance the causes of justice, equality, and environmental survival. By way of example, we list some of the national groups who support us every day with their work and who we, at MWR, support with our donations. Additionally, this is a time of year to look back on where we came from, reflect and learn from the past. Take the time to deepen your understanding of at least one of the issues that move you; share with us a book that has informed you, a friend or loved one. We’ve included a list of informative and challenging books.

Here are our suggestions for organizations to support with donations of money and/or time. Please share other ideas with us and we will share them with our readers.


SUWA-Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Defenders of Wildlife

NRDC-Natural Resources Defense Council

ACLU-American Civil Liberties Union

ADL-Anti-Defamation League

SPLC-Southern Poverty Law Center

Equal Justice Initiative

National Immigration Law Center

NARF-Native American Rights Foundation

Black Lives Matter

NARAL-National Abortion Rights Action League

Planned Parenthood

Area of Special Concern

Environmental justice, land preservation in the West

Wildlife and habitat protection

Environmental conservation

Legal rights, free speech, rule of law, Voting Rights

Social justice, equal rights

Social justice, monitoring hate groups

Social justice, legal rights, ending the policies of mass incarceration

Immigrant right

Legal support for Native peoples, advocates for land protections

Local chapters against violence and systemic racism towards black people

Women’s health care and reproductive rights

Women’s health care and reproductive rights

We also suggest identifying local organizations in your community where you can donate your time or money.  Consider local health clinics serving the poor, HIV/AIDS service organizations, immigrant rights groups, environmental groups or voter registration initiatives.

Suggested Books

We’ve reached out to friends and colleagues for titles of books they’ve found useful in “making sense of things.” You can find an annotated bibliography of those suggestions here. If you have other books you’d like to suggest, send us your recommendations.

When you are shopping for books, we recommend visiting and patronizing your local book seller. And, don’t forget to visit and give to your local library. Using the library will help cut down on the cost and, at the same time, help create demand for the subject in your community.

Giving Thanks

Finally, in this, our 50th issue of My Weekly Resistance, we want to thank you for the many, many calls and emails you’ve sent on behalf of “the resistance.” In 2018 there will be many more issues on which we must make our voices heard and, finally, elections for which we need to mobilize. Stay engaged, keep calling your Members of Congress, and give your time and money to support our efforts locally and nationally.