Getting Ready for the Long Election Season ahead!

It’s a challenging time to be part of “the resistance.” The President continues to play the autocrat defying virtually all norms of the office, threatening opponents, and spouting off with reckless abandon. Meanwhile, the Democratic primary field is large and only beginning to sort itself out. It seems darkly ominous under the current regime, but too early to engage fully in the presidential campaign. What to do? We at My Weekly Resistance think this is the time to connect, or re-connect, with those who are working out of the limelight to lay the foundation for a resounding repudiation in 2020. We encourage you to learn about and support their efforts now.

It’s summer, but not everyone is taking a long vacation! This week, we want to highlight some of the groups that are doing the hard work of organizing in advance of the crucial 2020 election season. In 2020 we have the opportunity to “dump Trump!” and end the squalid Republican hold on the Senate. Doing so is the first step toward recovering our democracy and repudiating Trump’s reign of brutality, oppression and sordidness. 

We highlight organizations we’ve come across, but we also urge YOU to send us suggestions for additional groups and organizations you think are doing this important resistance work. We’ll devote an upcoming edition of MWR to your suggestions. Contact us at

Call To Action

Learn about these organizations, join and support them (or others) with your money, time and voice. We do have a caveat about the constant drumbeat for money. Money is fundamental to modern politics but some organizations, while doing really important work, have a tendency to over-ask for donations. Donate what you will, but don’t let the cries for more and more money put you off from the work they are doing. 

Money isn’t the only way to support an organization. You might donate time, take a deep dive into their issues and strategies, and importantly spread the word about the group to your own networks. Decide what you can do with the longer game in mind. 

Organizing for the 2020 Election

  • Supermajority is a new group focusing on organizing women and those who share a commitment to gender equity, fighting systemic oppression, combating climate change, reducing inequality, and providing universal access to health care. They are planning ground level organizing and aligning with existing organizations that will be crucial for the upcoming elections.

  • The National Democratic Redistricting Action Fund is focused on fighting the redistricting efforts in many states that are gerrymandering districts to promote white Republican majorities and limit voting access of those groups, primarily people of color and youth, who tend to vote Democratic.  This organization was started by former Attorney General Eric Holder and is strongly supported by former President Obama.

  • Our old friends at Indivisible are continuing to resist the current administration and organizing locally for the elections. Many of us already are linked to local Indivisible groups who continue to fight the good fight! Stay connected.

  • MoveOn has been around for quite a while championing progressive values. They are reliable source of information on current legislative and executive threats as well as providing important organizing expertise.

  • The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee is one place to keep abreast of the critical campaigns to wrest control of the Senate from the current Republican majority. Equally important, KEEP UP TO DATE ON YOUR OWN STATE’S SENATE RACE, FIND THE CANDIDATE YOU SUPPORT, AND HELP THEM BE SUCCESSFUL.

  • SwingLeft helps you identify the Congressional District nearest to you that went Republican in 2016 by 15% or less of the vote.  These are promising districts that still need your help in 2020.

  • Flippable focuses on those state level elections that have a good chance of “flipping” from Republican to Democrat in the 2020 election. The site/app helps you locate the all important state level races near you.

And, of course, if you encounter a Presidential candidate who stirs your soul, by all means, give them your time and money. Just remember that this isn’t about finding a savior but building a winning team for 2020. Let’s avoid vilifying any of the Democrats who hope to capture the White House…that would only serve Trump.

Once again, please share links to other organizations that can help all of us on My Weekly Resistance learn, organize, and take back our democracy. You can reach us at