Call Now To Oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination

The Senate hearings on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court turned sour this past week. Kavanaugh refused to answer any of the key questions about his judicial philosophy and appears to have misled, perhaps lied to, the Senate in previous confirmation hearings. By the end of the hearings it was clear that Kavanaugh sees himself as Trump’s “get out of jail free” card. There is still a long shot chance to defeat this dishonest, ultra-conservative nominee. To do so Democrats must hold their ranks together, including red-state Democrats in tough reelection campaigns. GOP Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski who support abortion rights, must be convinced to vote no. Call these senators and add your voice to the chorus calling “NO” on Brett Kavanaugh.

We’re keeping it simple this week.  The phone numbers you need are listed below.  Here is a summary of our brief against this nominee:

  • Kavanaugh’s nomination is being pushed through the Senate confirmation process with an unprecedented degree of secrecy and partisan maneuvering.  Donald Trump is withholding over 100,000 pages of relevant documents claiming Executive Privilege for things that occurred during the  George Bush administration. Bush has not objected to their release.  What we’ve seen is only an estimated 7% of available records.

  • Kavanaugh appears to have misled the Senate in his 2004 and 2006 confirmation hearings on matters related to his tenure as a legal advisor in the Bush administration as indicated by the limited documents available.

  • Kavanaugh has a well established hostility to women’s reproductive rights. In the hearing he referred to certain contraceptives as “abortion inducing drugs” thereby setting the stage to make not only abortion but possibly contraceptives illegal.

  • Kavanaugh has an antipathy to government regulation, a preference for business interests over worker’s rights and protections, and a stunningly expansive view of presidential power and impunity.  

  • Kavanaugh is playing a deceptive game using the phrase “settled law” in relation to Roe v. Wade but refusing to state that the decision was correct.  Settled law does NOT protect a precedent from being overturned.

  • Kavanaugh refused to state that the decision on gay marriage was correct.

  • Kavanaugh would not say whether it is wrong for a president to promise a pardon in exchange for a witness’s silence.

  • Kavanaugh won’t say whether the president is subject to a subpoena to give live testimony in an ongoing criminal matter. 

  • Kavanaugh would not say whether firing a prosecutor looking into the president’s wrongdoing is acceptable.

  • Kavanaugh refused to say whether a president can self pardon.

  • Kavanaugh will not recuse himself from matters pertaining to the president’s status as an alleged co-conspirator to defraud voters.

  • Kavanaugh would not answer a question from Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) as to whether a president could, as President Trump did in deploring prosecution of Republican House members, use federal agencies as weapons against political opponents.

Who to Call

Note that we list the DC phone number. If you live in the state you should call the Senator’s closest regional office as well.  If you have any connections to one of these states, mention it in your phone call. No need to prepare a long speech! State the one or two points most important to you!

Red State Democratic Senators:
Heidi Heitkamp ND (202) 224-2043
Joe Manchin WV (202)224-3954
Joe Donnelly IN (202) 224-4814
Bill Nelson FL(202) 224-5274
Claire McCaskill MO(202) 224-6154

Flippable Republicans (who care about Roe V. Wade)
Susan Collins ME  (202) 224-2523
Lisa Murkowski AL(202) 224-6665

Republicans who should vote their talk opposing Trump
Jeff Flake AZ (202) 224-4521
Ben Sasse NE(202) 224-4224