Trump and Dems Ignore Climate Change, the #1 National Security Issue

Evidence of the immediate costs of climate change is widespread - massive flooding in Texas, three Category 4 hurricanes in one season, and firestorms raging across millions of acres in the American West. Neither President Trump's State of the Union nor the Democratic rebuttals mentioned the need to protect America from climate change or environmental contamination. Climate change is the ultimate national security issue. Trump and the Republican Congress have reversed a decade of climate initiatives and surrendered public lands and health to the fossil fuel industry. As citizens, we must act now. Here's how.

We know where the Trump Administration stands on climate change and the environment. Last year alone the Trump Administration overturned 33 distinct rules; reversed protections for children and pregnant women from toxic pollutants and pesticide residues on fresh foods; nullified a ban on new coal mines on federal lands; proposed to open thousands of miles of the Atlantic and Pacific shores and pristine Arctic lands to drilling; promised to quit the Paris Climate accord; eliminated vast portions of national monuments; and proposed to cut three quarters of all clean energy research.

President Trump’s embrace of “beautiful clean coal” is a ridiculous con. We must remind officials, both local and national, that coal pollution sickens our children, shortens thousands of lives and threatens the future of our planet. States must implement the Clean Power Plan even if EPA kills it. States, cities and even pension funds can divest from coal and other fossil fuel stocks. New York City will divest the city’s $190 billion pension fund from the fossil fuel industry and has launched a lawsuit against oil and gas corporations for the damage caused by climate change. Communities across America can join these suits to recover costs incurred from climate change.

Earlier we urged you to oppose EPA efforts to rescind the Clean Power Plan (CPP). Scott Pruitt, Trump’s EPA Administrator, has removed information from EPA’s website that explains how the CPP cuts greenhouse gas emissions, saves utility customers money, and protects health from coal pollution. The website now promotes the energy dominance “priorities of President Trump and Administrator Pruitt.” National environmental groups are calling for Pruitt to recuse himself from the Clean Power Plan decision because he has already decided to scrap the rule, regardless of public input, in violation of the Due Process Clause. 

Call To Action

Call your elected Representatives of BOTH parties. Tell them climate change is important to you and your family; you are offended by the President’s attack on the environment, and neglect of these issues in the Democratic response.  Tell them to support the Clean Power Plan as America’s major commitment to implementing the Paris Climate accord, and to support clean energy research.

Insist that your city and state officials and your pension fund representatives divest from the fossil fuel industry and transition investments to renewable energy. Check out gofossilfree site to see what is happening in your state and elsewhere. If you have oil and gas company stocks in your portfolio, divest. Socially responsible investment now provides strong financial returns.

Go to the EPA website and send an email demanding that information on climate change and the Clean Power Plan be restored.

Call Scott Pruitt (202-564-4700) and insist that he recuse himself from the Clean Power Plan decision because his fixed position on the repeal proves he is not responding to public input.  Majorities of the public in 23 of the 27 states suing the EPA support setting strict carbon dioxide emission limits on coal-fired power plants to reduce global warming and improve public health. 61% of adults in all 27 states support the policy.

Join and financially support the environmental groups doing the essential legal work of challenging rule changes and executive orders.  See the MWR resources page for recommendations.

And finally, What more can YOU do to help the planet? Consider installing solar panels and water saving devices, buying an electric car, using mass transit and ride sharing, and eating lightly from the planet.