Let The Electoral Process Begin!

The amazing political activity of the nation's high school students in the wake of the most recent school shooting inspires us. Their actions and agenda require us to get to work in this very important election year. The only way to curb the NRA, the polluters, the extortionate consumer finance outfits, the coal companies and their ilk is to win seats in Congress and state legislatures. Now is the time to begin our election work. The youth are leading the way. Let's get to it!

Mid-term elections matter. In 2010 the Tea Party brought the Obama agenda to a crawl. The 2018 election provides a similar opportunity for Democrats to elect representatives who will stand up to President Trump and who will put the well being of the country ahead of political or personal gain. If we take a majority in at least one house of Congress, Democrats can back up the Independent Counsel’s work with Congress’ own investigatory powers, slow the degradation of the environment, and negotiate from a position of strength in coming legislative battles.

We support candidates who will work together to promote a common Democratic agenda of protecting the social safety net, stopping the drift toward kleptocracy, and putting an end to Trump’s excesses. As individuals many of us tend toward the progressive wing of the Democratic spectrum but this is no time for ideological purity. Moderate Democrats and strong Rule of Law/Never Trump Republicans are our allies. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good!

Caucuses and Primaries Find out if there are voter caucuses in your state. Here in Colorado, ours' are scheduled for March 6. Plan to attend and to make your voice and values known. If your state uses primaries, start paying attention to who is running now and get behind your preferred candidates. 

Local and State Level Races Matter!  Identify and meet your local and state candidates and work for them NOW. Over the past decade, a vast majority of state legislatures have turned bright red with many of these states promoting voter suppression legislation that impact national election outcomes. We must take back our state legislatures.  You can get the basic facts on state races here. For a look at these races through the lens of electing Democrats check out the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee which highlights the most crucial and competitive races to oppose Republicans.  If your own districts are not in play check out websites like Swing Left and Flippable to find close by elections that need you.

Voter Registration – Young and Old Make sure you know and share information on required form(s) of identification. Republicans have made voting much more difficult over the last decade. Ask friends and neighbors if their voter registration is up to date. Learn more here.  

It’s exciting to see the youth mobilization around gun control issues. Support local demonstrations AND help them register to vote. Here's a state-by-state list of where 16 and 17 year-olds can pre-register to vote. Get that information to others. Share My Weekly Resistance with young people and engage them on the issues facing the nation.

Money Talks Donate money! It takes resources to fund campaigns and to win elections.  Check in at ActBlue as a convenient way to donate to individual candidates at the local, state and federal levels who align with your values.

Redistricting and Felon Enfranchisement The National Democratic Redistricting Committee organized by Eric Holder and supported by Barack Obama, is coordinating efforts across the country to fight gerrymandering.  Their website highlights the battleground states and provides information on what you can do now.

Another vital voting rights issue is felon disenfranchisement. Many states do not allow convicted felons who have completed their sentences to register to vote.  Given the racial discrepancies in our criminal justice system this amounts to Black voter suppression.   For more information and a guide to action click here for the ACLU’s Right to Vote page.


Call To Action

Do something today! Attend your caucuses, get to work for a state or local candidate, check your registration and that of your friends and family, assist young voters and activists, or donate to a key race. Start getting involved or ramp up your current engagement. Let’s win at the ballot box!

PS. Don’t forget about other important issues still on the table. There still is no resolution for those protected by DACA. Efforts are underway to further undermine the Affordable Care Act. Pressure must be kept on elected officials who are beholden to the NRA. The environment is still under attack by an EPA that was formed to protect us and our land, air and water. Take a look at previous My Weekly Resistance Action Alerts in the archive. You know how to make the calls!