Don’t Let This Happen in Secret: Tell your Senator to fix the ACA Now!

With all the hullabaloo about North Korea, Russia and Paris, you would be forgiven if you thought all the important news was international. However, here at home the Republicans are working behind closed doors to “repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act,” but their leadership is uncertain if there are the 50 votes to undo ObamaCare. An immediate effort to convince moderate Republicans to act responsibly and for Democrats to hold firm is needed. Call your senators and tell them to fix the ACA now. End the phony “repeal and replace” charade.

Many Senate Republicans hid from their constituents while on recess last week; others refused to answer questions about the AHCA passed by the House which would, among other impacts, leave 23 million citizens without coverage. In secret, 13 male Senators claim to be writing an entirely new bill which will cover everyone while “saving vast amounts of money” – that they intend to give to America’s super rich in the form of tax cuts. It’s that bad!

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is undermining the viability of the current ACA insurance markets in an effort to make good on the President’s promise to “let ObamaCare implode.” Trump can keep this promise by refusing to tell the states and the insurance companies whether the government will continue the ACA payments next year. While the legal problems are complicated, the political issue is simple: if Republicans wanted the ACA to work next year they could make it happen. Instead, Republicans want ObamaCare to fail and they are not proposing any credible fixes. That’s why it’s important to contact your Senators to let them know you are paying attention.

There is no new plan for a replacement for the ACA. Senate Republicans are not negotiating with Democrats or even House Republicans. Indeed, they won’t talk to their own voters or to the press about what they are doing.  Call them and remind them what it is that Americans want from their health care system.

Call to Action
This is the most important issue that you can have a real influence on right now.
Call your Senators and remind them that you want a health care system that:

  1. Is affordable to all based on a reasonable percentage of a person’s income;
  2. Covers people with pre-existing health conditions;
  3. Does not discriminate against women’s reproductive health;
  4. Covers at least as many people but preferably more people than the Affordable Care Act.
  5. Does NOT give a huge tax break to the wealthy!