Get Fired Up Over Trump’s Firing FBI Director Comey!

President Trump’s firing of the FBI Director James Comey is unprecedented. Trump stated that he fired Comey because he wanted to end the investigation into his campaign’s involvement in Russian hacking of the election and Russian influence in the Trump White House. The FBI probe is now undermined by Trump’s blatant interference with the investigation. The Senate should appoint a truly bipartisan and independent Select Committee to get to the bottom of Russian interference in the 2016 election and other Russian influence in the Trump White House

There are so many things going on in this story - all of it stinks!  Here are the issues. The firing of Comey stops the FBI’s investigation, short-circuits the rule of law and potentially obstructs justice. The independence of the FBI is now in question and will remain doubtful regardless of who is appointed the new director. And why was the supposedly “recused” Attorney General Jeff Sessions participating in the firing of Comey? This implies a serious breach of legal ethics. And now - because Trump threatened Comey with release of recordings of their conversations - we also must ask whether there are tapes of Trump’s White House conversations. Another obstruction of justice?

We call for a special Senate Select Committee to conduct a rigorous investigation into these and other questions. Other options are not as effective. An Independent Council would require Congress to pass and the President to sign into law. That won’t happen. The Justice Department could hire a Special Prosecutor, but they could be fired by the President and would have no legal obligation to release findings of the investigation. A Special Commission cannot seek criminal charges.

The House seems unable to get past partisan politics and cannot conduct an unbiased, independent investigation. While the House and Senate Committees on Intelligence are looking into the Russian interference, we are not impressed with the rigor, speed, or integrity of their work. Furthermore, these committees operate within the norms of majority party rule. Therefore, our preferred option is a Senate Select Committee, but even a Special Prosecutor appointed by Rod Rosenstein would be a vast improvement on the current state of affairs.

Call to Action

  • Call your Senator and insist that the firing of Director Comey demands a new approach to the investigation into Russian hacking and interference. A rigorous investigation is needed to affirm the rule of law and get to the bottom of potential Russian collusion with the Trump campaign and Administration. Your Republican Senators hold the key to beginning a real investigation.  Don’t hesitate to remind them they took an oath to defend the constitution! Democratic Senators must keep up the pressure for a fair and impartial investigation.
  • The Hard Ask: Will you support legislation to create and empower a Senate Select Committee to investigate all matters related to Russian influence in the 2016 election, possible illegal collusion with the Trump campaign and whether the firing of FBI Director Comey constituted an illegal obstruction of justice?