CALL NOW:  Trump Budget Will Boost Military Spending and Nuke Environmental, Education, Science, and Social Programs.

Last week the Trump administration released its “skinny budget” - it wasn’t really a budget and it wasn’t skinny but it did reveal Trump’s meager and mean spirited vision for America. During the campaign there was talk that Trump is a new kind of Republican who would help the working class but this budget slashes every program that might help the very voters that put him in office. It is not an exaggeration to say that every program from Meals on Wheels to the Superfund program is being slashed. Here is a summary of those cuts.

This starvation budget literally takes food out of the mouths of homebound seniors and poor school children while force feeding the military. It slashes money for mental health care, environmental health and safety, scientific and health research, economic revitalization, and job training. Trump’s “budget” is a vindictive assault on programs that 1) support low income households and vulnerable populations in cities and rural areas, 2) support learning, research and the arts, 3) address the enormous threat of climate change and environmental degradation and 4) promote peaceful resolution of conflict.

This is Trump’s vision but Congress will write the budget. We must demand that Congress 1) protect these crucial programs; 2) reject tax cuts for the wealthy; 3) address our country’s unmet needs: infrastructure repair and replacement, adequate education funding, protection of the environment, the transitioning to a carbon neutral economy, as well as the provision of decent health care to all Americans; and 4) promote conflict resolution rather than conflict escalation.

This is a good time to look around and ask yourself,  “where does government touch my life, my loved ones and my community?”  Which of these issues are important to you, to your town, to our country?

Call to Action

We invite you to choose your top two or three priorities from the list of threatened programs. Reach out to national and state advocacy groups that work in these “spaces” and ask “What can I do to help in the up coming budget negotiations?”

Then contact your elected representatives, demanding that they fight for federal funds to support the programs you care about in the coming budget negotiations.  Make this personal… which of these issues are most important to you and why? Find your Representatives’ phone numbers here and see our updated recommendations on How to Make a Political Phone Call.

You can’t call or write too often.  Have at it!!!!!!!