A Divisive and Incompetent Nominee for Secretary of Education

Betsy DeVos is the nominee to become Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. Ms. DeVos is a billionaire advocate for privatizing K-12 education. She has pushed aggressive charter school legislation through the Michigan legislature that has reduced oversight and accountability in these schools. In Michigan, her home state where she is politically active and influential, 80% of all charter schools are “for profit” and lack sufficient oversight. As a candidate, Mr. Trump proposed re-directing $20 BILLION in federal education spending toward grant programs for states to expand vouchers and charter schools. Research shows that vouchers have mixed results and consistently do NOT serve all students equitably. At her recent confirmation hearings, Ms. DeVos showed a lack of knowledge about the basic workings of schools and the Education Department. She was unable to answer the simplest questions about how to assess student performance. She refused to agree to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act. In short, she rejects the idea that we have a responsibility to educate ALL children. Additionally, Ms. DeVos’s nomination raises significant ethics concerns. Her nomination hearing was delayed due to incomplete filings with the Office of Congressional Ethics. She and her husband have financial stakes in a number of student loan-related businesses raising conflict of interest concerns should she be confirmed as Secretary of Education.


Call both your Senators - whether they are Republicans or Democrats – tell them to oppose the nomination of Betsy DeVos to become Secretary of Education. Find your Senators’ Washington phone numbers here: www.callmycongress.com

  • Tell them: Betsy DeVos is not qualified to become Secretary of Education!
  • She has shown a profound lack of knowledge about teaching and learning and her extreme support for charter schools and vouchers threatens public education.
  • You are concerned about maintaining a strong public education system that serves all students.
  • At her recent confirmation hearings, she showed a SHOCKING lack of knowledge about what the Education Department does, the responsibility to educate ALL children, and even such basic concepts as how to assess student performance.
  • You are greatly concerned about Ms. DeVos’ incomplete ethics filings. She has financial interests in over 100 companies that do business with the Department of Education which could result in potential conflicts of interest should she be confirmed.
  • Emphasize that this is NOT a nominee who will support the democratic goals of public education!