Nuclear Proliferation is Bad for Senate Rules

Tell your Senators to oppose the conservative ideologue, Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump’s nominee for the US Supreme Court. While Gorsuch is technically qualified, he is far out of step with contemporary values. His track record reveals a man who “instinctively favors the powerful over the weak.” Neil Gorsuch will be a catastrophe for progressive values and individual rights. He should not be put on the Court.

The Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Gorsuch revealed very little about what kind of Supreme Court Justice he would be. Gorsuch promised to set aside personal political views in favor of the "cold neutrality of an impartial judge," citing political theorist Edmund Burke. In his theoretical writing Judge Gorsuch invokes “natural law” philosophy which relies on the judge’s personal moral beliefs to determine the interpretation of law. Based on his writings, he will undoubtedly be a solid vote to overturn Roe v Wade and will likely reverse other current protections based on a right to privacy or equal protection such as the recent gay marriage decision. Gorsuch’s views on government regulation to protect the health and welfare of citizens and the environment are equally concerning.

The Gorsuch nomination must get 60 votes in order to overcome a filibuster and move forward. Some warn that if Gorsuch is filibustered, Republicans will change the rules and allow a vote by a simple majority of 51. If Republicans choose to change the rules - the so called “nuclear option” - Gorsuch will be confirmed. This has caused some to argue that we should hold off on the filibuster in hopes of using it on a subsequent nominee. This is a difference of opinion on strategy, not substance. By nominating a conservative ideologue President Trump is rejecting compromise.

We oppose the Gorsuch nomination. Just as strongly we oppose any change of Senate rules. This Supreme Court nomination must not go through on a simple majority vote. Membership on the Supreme Court should require at least 60 votes.  President Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million voters. He has no mandate. It is the President’s duty to nominate a candidate who can receive at least 60 votes..

Call to Action

Call both your Senators:

  1. Ask Democratic Senators to filibuster the Gorsuch nomination
  2. Ask Republican Senators to honor the current rules requiring 60 votes to end the filibuster and confirm a Supreme Court Justice.

Find your Senator’s phone numbers here: and see our updated recommendations on How to Make a Political Phone Call